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The Spring Creek Difference


It's our guarantee to you. Not only will you see a difference, but you won't be happier with another company. Our staff has over 100 years of nursery experience, and that's given us a chance to make sure that our quality is up to a standard that others just can't compete with. Which also means that it's a quality you'll not only see, but you'll appreciate it. The decision is clear, and we're here to help you design your landscape dreams. 

Services We Offer


Selecting a nursery is mission critical for you. Here are Spring Creek Nursery ideas on how to pick a nursery partner: 


  1. We offer you a wide choice of high quality plants. Ideally, your nursery should be able to provide you with any planting you or your client desire.
  2. Spring Creek Nursery has the experience to supply your needs within your budget.
  3. You can depend on us to deliver what you need, when you need it, every time. At Spring Creek Nursery we work hard to satisfy your needs on your schedule!


         Spring Creek Nursery delivers the products and plants I depend on. The people and plants at Spring Creek are people I can count on and plants I can count on.”

Tulsa Landscape Architect

We have been in the nursery business 

since 1999. We have been doing this for a long time and we pride ourselves on making sure your planting needs are not only met, but exceeded. We offer:


  • Tulsa grown trees and trees from our trusted suppliers
  • Seasonal color
  • Evergreen foundation plants
  • Perennials
  • Ground covers
  • Ornamental plants
  • Bag mulch
  • Shrubs
  • Experience to help you design any landscape within your budget